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David Seitter
Attorney & Partner, Spencer Fane LLP
In the busy existence of a professional life, Teresa has guided me to stay focused on my purposes and direction. Unlike other trainings I have experienced, her one-on-one coaching has "drilled down granular" to my life, something I have not found with any other experience.
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Brent Peterson, Partner,
American Hearing and Audiology
My first experience with Teresa was when she masterfully facilitated a strategic planning session at a nonprofit board meeting. This prompted me to recommend to my partners at American Hearing and Audiology that we engage Teresa and PerformancePointe ...
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H. Kevin Birzer
Tortoise Capital Advisors
Fifteen years ago, five Managing Directors founded Tortoise Capital Advisors. When we started working with PerformancePointe and Teresa about 5 years ago, we had about 40 employees and $6 billion in assets under management. Today we have 160 employees and $20 billion in assets under management. Given this rapid pace of growth we felt the need to focus on developing the next team of leaders ...
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